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From now on Friends only xD

Please read BEFORE adding me as a friend!

Hey everyone! From this point on I will make journal entries friends only.
Because I have noticed new users adding me to their friend's list and I have no clue who they are. :'D
(which I think is sad...)

So.. to those who have added me and I did not add them back, I would like them to post here, too.

And all the ones that want to see my newer entries can add me and then post here:
  • Where do they know me from? Can be google *highly doubts that*, over friends, other community sites, communities on here, Real Life....
  • Maybe why? XD I ramble a lot here... mainly about Reborn.. XD'
  • Tell me a bit about you: your age, series you like, hobbies. :D
What is my journal about?
  • Mostly fangirling
  • junkart and simple artworks, WiPs if I feel like it. (though I post other artworks, too)
  • Sometimes something from my life... O.O

Anyway. Comments on this post here are screened. :'D

lol @ Fail attempt in Cellshading

yay for textures XD
They save my life XD

The picture is dedicated to majuki since she made me wanna try cellshading again, xD'''

twin stars for the way ;A; <3
(and Mukuro... *caugh* his clothes... haha XD I fail so much! )

Reborn Ch. 263

If that image of the first Mist Guardian doesn't tell us WHO is the real Mist Guardian and who is the substitude, I don't know what else could do that.... kufufu

Beware the 15 Minutes junk!

And is there anyone else that thinks it's funny.... how there is a CABLE on Byakuran's phone...? :'D  I mean... they are in the future right?

away for now....

I will be away from the internet world for a week.
Friends from University will be coming to visit me here in Berlin and I will try myself as a guide! XD
I am curious if I can actually pull it off well.

On another sidenote. *___* I ordered FF Dissidia Collectors edition *___* ~
WHoo~ with artbook and soundtrack and guide~ <3
it should be arrive sometimes this week *_* can't wait! <3

(haha... I wonder how my people will react when I will be reading the Reborn! update... because... for several reasons I do not want to wait for them to be away again to read it... XD .... )



Hum... just a simple frontal view picture xD'
I like possessed!Tsuna. XD'' 

Reborn kiss meme 6927

for larger version hereCollapse )

EDIT: forgot to post this.
It's a freeby for minty on gaia:

Hibari/Gokudera :'D

Not paintchat... for once XD

This was drawn for sorapple for an art trade and requested by her <3

I hope you guys like it XD'


Since it is not necessairily worksave it's behind the cutCollapse )


And... now paintchat XD'

Hibari for berryrockz 

pchat log #2

And more.
haha. I am simply enjoying the fact that I CAN paintchat when being at home XD'

Trish & Jade. My OCs~

Who? XD

We were discussing in pchat if we can even draw women.. OTL

pchat log #1

Pictures I drew in paintchat at Niko's.

to see them look behind the cut <3Collapse )

I hope you guys like them XD

Series: original, Fullmetal Alchemist, Reborn!, Gintama
Warning: Soft BL in one picture

randomness continues <3

Yesterday I was paintchatting with aisu_chu at Niko's pchat.
It was a first for me at that place... and also for Aisu.

Of course... I drew Mukuro (like always when I am at a loss what to draw XD)
and she drew the super cute Tsuna-chibi <3
(her Chibi's rock!)

Today in the past few hours I have been awake, I drew this picture of Kondo for an auction thread @Gaia.
*epic fail*

(uhh.... better hide your eyes from this XD)
I wonder why I do get all the wonderful... things for this auction.
First Kondo (instead of Takasugi like I wished, since he was fitting better into the theme)
and for a thumbnail I get poo. Just wonderful.
Speaking of thumpnails.
tooaya and I made these:

Our first collabs.... lol (lineart by me and colors by toa)
Now guess which thumbnail/icon is for which character XD

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